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Boston-based indie group, 'Tales of Olde' perform at Great Scott May 28

Made up of Boston-based, musical couples, ‘Tales of Olde’ have a lot of enchanting stories to tell. With the highly-anticipated release of their debut EP on Tuesday, June 3, ‘Tales of Olde is celebrating with a live performance at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, Massachusetts on Wednesday, May 28 at 9 p.m.

Lucas and Evelyn Cortazio (vocals), Ellen (fiddle), and Drew Story (guitar), Jeff Kinsley (bass), and Al Cleveland (drums) make up 'Tales of Olde.'
Courtesy of Tales of Olde

With Lucas and Evelyn Cortazio on vocals, Ellen on fiddle, Drew Story on guitar, Jeff Kinsley on bass, and Al Cleveland on drums, get a preview of their stirring, visually-rich harmony with their new single, ‘Why’ by clicking here and visit for more on their music.

I had the opportunity to speak to vocalist Lucas Cortazio about the basis of their songwriting and this indie group’s future.

What do you think inspires your songwriting? Does the melody or the lyrics come first?

Stories do! They are the stories that were told before our time and the ones that we are all telling right now. We believe that we are all telling stories on a daily basis. Some of our stories are good, compelling, and selfless ones. Others are of pain and sorrow, yet others are greed-filled and full of selfishness. At the end of the day we are all the ones that have the power to choose what kind of story we are composing or telling.

We, at Tales of Olde, know who we are and that we fall short of being good storytellers all the time. Through the music we play and through our actions, we still strive to do good and to bring joy and hope to those around us. I think the melody and the lyrics happen together.

What do you hope for the future of ‘Tales of Olde?’

I hope we can always remember why we do what we do, which is to bring hope and joy to others! I hope we can be a band that always gives back to the community, play our music around the world, and share our stories with as many folks as possible.

What can audiences look forward to in your upcoming performances and what is the best reason people should attend a ‘Tales of Olde' concert?

New songs! We are working on a bunch of new material that showcases the vastness of sounds that make us who we are as musicians. People should come out to watch us if they enjoy good music and a good time. We shall be providing this at every show!

Visit and their Facebook page for more on their music and their upcoming appearances!

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