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Boston 5 K Season!

What is your reason for training for a 5 K?

a) You would like to raise awareness for a cause.

b) You would like to increase your motivation to exercise and get in shape for Summer.

c) You would like to meet amazing individuals with similiar interests as yourself.

d) All of the above.

A 5 K is a great opportunity to challenge yourself no matter what you answered above. They are perfect for anyone interested in any of the above whether you're a non-experienced runner or have been competing in 5 K's for years. There are plenty of 5 K available coming right here to Boston and across Massachussetts, so get your new sneakers laced for the start lines.

Sneakers will be an important investement if you plan on running more than one race. Marathon Sports is a great place to actually get fitted for sneakers to ensure you're running in the appropriate shoe for your feet.

Do you know how many carbohydrates you need for the 5 K season?

  • 5 to 7 g per kilogram per day for athletes engaged in moderate-intensity exercise for 60-90 minutes per day
  • 7-12 g per kilogram per day for athletes engaged in moderate to high-intensity endurance exercise for 1 -3 hours.

Upcoming Races in April 2010:

  • Race Against Extinction 5K: Boston, MA 04/17/2010
  • Annual Brimfield Trail 5K: Brimfield, MA 04/24/2010
  • Boston College MBA 5K: Chestnut Hill, MA 04/25/2010
  • 27th Edition James Joyce Ramble: Dedham, MA 04/25/2010
  • Race Against Violence: Greenfield, MA 04/24/2010
  • Ring Around the Neck 5M Run/Walk: Marblehead, MA 04/25/2010
  • Heartbreak Hill International Youth Race: Newton, MA 04/18/2010
  • Blue Ribbon Race to Stop Child Abuse 5K: Pittsfield, MA 04/03/2010
  • 14th Annual North Shore Wellness Fair 5K: Salem, MA 04/11/2010
  • 9th Annual Shawn D. Patterson Memorial & Scholarship Road Race: Scituate, MA 04/18/2010
  • TVFR Boston Tune-Up 15K: Upton, MA 04/10/2010
  • Hibo 5K: Watertown, MA 04/11/2010
  • Michael Dunleavy Walk & Road Race: Winchester, MA 04/11/2010
  • Run For Water 5K: Worcester, MA 04/10/2010

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