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Boston 4th of July celebrations - schedule & planning 2010

It’s time to start planning your 4th of July celebrations in Boston, and the idea of heading to the Esplanade for the Boston Pops and Boston 4th of July fireworks can be a bit overwhelming. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to make a successful day out of this Sunday, July 4, 2010 celebration!


1) First you’ll want to know the SCHEDULE so you can plan accordingly.
Here’s the insider’s skinny: People tend to get a little crazy when it comes to getting in line for space on the Oval – so you may want to consider getting there early to get in line to enter! The gates open up at 9:00 am and the last wristbands are usually distributed around 2:00pm so you may want to consider making it an all day experience (we’re talking like 10 am or earlier!). Bring a picnic basket – but DON’T BRING THIS STUFF!
2) You might also want to know WHERE TO WATCH so check out the map down at the bottom. Here are some suggestions about WHERE TO WATCH BY AIR, LAND & SEA which might be worth a look. Also, if you’re looking for a less crowded experience, head over the Mass Ave Bridge or BU Bridge to the Cambridge side of things, where there are less people and there’s more real estate to spread out along the banks of the Charles. You may not be able to hear Keith Lockhart, but if you went to the free July 3rd Boston Pops performance, then you’ve heard it all anyways!
3) You might also be interested in figuring out HOW TO GET THERE: here’s the info on public transportation.
For those of you taking public transportation—the Green Line will be your best bet within Boston Proper—and you’ll be able to take one of several footbridges over to the Esplanade. If you plan to watch a bit further out (where the T comes above ground) make sure to take the Green “B” Line to one of the stops near BU. If you plan to watch from the other side of the river in Cambridge, you’ll want to take the Red Line to either Kendall/MIT or Central Station and walk towards the river—as Harvard is a bit too far for the action.
If you plan to drive into the action – try parking in the often vacant Financial District (street parking is free Sundays, and garage parking is usually about $10 for the weekend) and walking or taking the T to the action. Or, drive into a T-station like Alewife, Riverside, or Braintree and just keep in mind that the last train leaves with or without you at 12:30.

Most of all – have fun, be safe, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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