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Boss Selling Restaurant to Save Life of His Employee with Brain Cancer

Boss sells restaurant to help waitress Brittany Mathis with brain tumor
Boss sells restaurant to help waitress Brittany Mathis with brain tumor
photo credit - khou

If you are ever in Montgomery, Texas you might want to stop in at the Kaiserhof Restaurant and Wunderbar and say howdy to the owner. This is a special place and the current owner Michael De Beyer, is willing to sell his restaurant to save the life of his employee Brittany Mathis who has brain cancer.

Brittany does not have health insurance and according to the Raw Story. As her medical bills continue to grow the 19-year old is still attempting to deal with the life threatening news. After undergoing Cat Scans and MRIs she received the news that she indeed had a tumor.

Of course the idea of an employee who is so young with her entire life ahead of her and being beset with back breaking medical bills with a condition that could cut her life short did not sit well with De Beyer. He commented, “I have to try something because it’s not right,reported KHOU 11 News.

That something he had to try was to put his restaurant up for sale so that he could collect enough money from the sale proceeds to help Brittany with her staggering health bills. If the restaurant sale realizes the $2 million of its estimated worth, the young waitress’ health care bills can be lessened quite a bit.

This will certainly be a huge benefit for her and for her family which has according to KHOU 11 News, already experienced a health tragedy once before. It seems that Brittany’s dad also had a brain tumor, and it proved fatal for him in 2000.

Brittany and her family welcome the huge gesture of kindness that the restaurant owner is extending her. “I really think it’s an amazing blessing and can’t thank him enough and his family,” Mathis expressed to KHOU 11 News.

The owner does not give the gesture one thought of hesitation. He summed up his reasons by saying, “”Here’s a family, they are not holding their hand open they didn’t even ask anybody for help,” according to KHOU 11 News

So if you are in the neighborhood, stop in and have a meal and give thanks to a boss who is willing to show what true Christian charity and love is.

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