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Born to Rock; the Boss turns 60


The Boss in Asbury Park

Most people are over the hill at 40.  Then again, most people aren't Bruce Springsteen.  The Boss, one of rock and roll's mainstays turns 60 years young today, and from all indication, feels as born to run as ever. 

Originally championed as the second coming of Bob Dylan when he first hit the scene, Bruce Springsteen has instead carved out a gully of legendary music-making as an everyman poet rocker with a seemingly endless source of exuberance and enthusiasm.  That's not to say that Bruce hasn't accumulated an impressive catalog of songs, but much of his fame has come from his undying dedication to the healing power of music. 

"The Boss" (the nickname he earned during his early career in New Jersey) has withstood the changing eras and survived all the fleeting trends from disco to punk rock to new wave with landmark albums like Born To Run, Nebraska, and Born In the USA.  A testament to his success has always been his vigorous live performances with the trusty E Street Band.  These physically fervent shows routinely last for hours and present the Boss in an almost unmatchable rock and roll spirit.  Part tent revival and part track meet, these marathon concerts cemented Springsteen's legacy as an all-star musician. 

Billy Joel, may have once sang "only the good die young," but a growing amount of aging rockers continue to outlast expectation (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, etc) while managing to maintain relevancy and avoiding becoming caricatures.  Love him or loathe him, The Boss has undoubtedly earned his inclusion with these luminaries.  We can only hope for more decades of his rip roaring, blue collar excellence.  Happy Birthday Bruce!

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