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Born of the Gods spoilers: Triple pump spell from ChannelFireball

Or as everyone will call it: "Uncommon Bond."

One of the flagship mechanics of Theros block is heroic; while monstrous got the axe for Born of the Gods in favor of tribute, the heroes' keyword doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Of course, the obvious reason for it is to encourage playing pump spells - and in Theros, there were a number of such spells that could target two creatures at once in order to get two triggers from the same cast. ChannelFireball's latest preview card is a sort of instant anthem effect that takes that idea to its logical conclusion:

Reap What Is Sown 1GW

Instant (Uncommon)

Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to three target creatures.

The strength of the people comes from the land. And the bounty of the land comes from Karametra.

Right off the bat we can almost self-evidently say this is is insane in Limited. For the price of a rarity jump and losing the capacity to give one creature two counters, this is 150 percent as efficient as Common Bond. There's occasional talk of Thrive plus heroic in casual or pauper formats - this is doing the same work as the esoteric Thrive combo but significantly cheaper and faster. Tricolor decks might not be easy to do in Theros Limited, given that the multicolor support is designed only to enable two colors at once, but can you imagine this going off on a couple of Akroan Crusaders and a Phalanx Leader?

What do you think of this paradoxically targeted mass pump spell? Let me know in the comments.

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