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Born of the Gods spoilers: Spider and megacycle confirmation from release notes

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When the Born of the Gods release notes leaked on the mothership yesterday, some of the cards stood out for being unusual or powerful. A particular green uncommon creature did not seem to be one of them, and yet it actually holds the key to nine more yet-to-be-spoiled cards:

Graverobber Spider 3G

Creature - Spider (Uncommon)


3B: Graverobber Spider gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creature cards in your graveyard. Activate this ability only once each turn.

Cloaks woven from its web are durable and waterproof but said to bring on nightmares.


This looks like a fun, if not particularly powerful, Limited uncommon. It is strictly better than a Giant Spider, and that pump ability, though it can get this big, is certainly expensive over time for what amounts to half a Lhurgoyf. Still, the really important story here is what looks like a continuation of the ten-card off-color-activation cycle from Theros, as these simply aren't done outside of multicolor blocks or cycles. As Theros has a handful of multicolor cards, but no particular gold theme, this means we'll see ten uncommons in Born of the Gods like this:

White creatures - one blue activation, one red activation

Blue creatures - one black activation, one green activation

Black creatures - one white activation, one red activation

Red creatures - one blue activation, one green activation

Green creatures - one white activation, one black activation

Here's hoping for some fun ones!


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