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Born of the Gods spoilers: MTGSalvation Kraken scuttlebutt and more

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Since MTGSalvation's userbase is so vast, it's impossible to predict when someone completely random will hear a credible rumor about a new set. Custom Card Creation regular Master Moja did just that recently at his local game store, and posted the seemingly too-good-to-be-true Born of the Gods news in the Rumor Mill.

So I was at my local TCG store earlier, and everyone was talking about this rumor that they had heard about a few cards that were apparently said to be in Born of the Gods. I am unsure of how credible the source is, but apparently they had found the names of a couple of cards and a few other things about them. It was on a thrown out print sheet from Wizards; like the checklists you get in the Fat Packs. By no means do I know if it's true, but it sounds pretty believable. This is the information they had gathered.

- A legendary blue Kraken that makes a 9/9 Kraken when it deals combat damage to a player. The name was not given.

- A legendary minotaur that makes an opponent discard two cards at random.

- Ferocious Charge was on the list.

- Mogis, God of Violence is a card.

- A black Day of Judgment.

- A legendary land that taps for colorless and can pay two mana of any color to return an enchantment from your graveyard to your hand (or top of library?) I think this was rare.

Once again, I do not know the credibility of the source, but everyone was talking about the papers. I was wondering if anyone else had heard anything about these? If anyone could let me know, feel free to discuss! Thanks

The more obscure ideas here - Ferocious Charge being reprinted, Mogis's name, the Minotaur - make this seem fairly credible, but some of the other things (black mass removal, an enchantment version of Volrath's Stronghold) seem wish-fulfillment-like - more so rumor community fantasizing than something actually substantiated. Still, this is intriguing news, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.


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