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Born of the Gods spoilers: Master Moja rumors clarified - Black boardwipe, plus

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Last week, MTGSalvation regular Master Moja posted a handful of Born of the Gods rumors he had overheard at a local game store. This week, the ever-reliable Rumor Mill moderator TK-421 checked up on those rumors with one of the site's many sources on the inside - and some of them are more accurate than others. To wit:

Mod Edit: A source of TK-421's has stated that:
There is a legendary Kraken, but it doesn't make more Krakens.
There isn't a legendary Minotaur.
Ferocious Charge isn't in.
Mogis is [in the set, but called] the God of Slaughter
There is a black boardwipe, and it's "strictly better than Infest".
The land isn't in.

So there we have it - Some rumors are more trustworthy than others. The strictly better Infest is likely not a simple -3/-3 upgrade from -2/-2 - after all, that'd be awful close to Anger of the Gods - but perhaps we'll at last get an instant-speed sweeper in black to give monoblack devotion the extra push it (doesn't really) needs?