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Born of the Gods spoilers: Instant-speed wrath effect from MTGSalvation source

Born of the Wrath of the Gods?
Born of the Wrath of the Gods?

With all the crazy-strong creatures running around the Born of the Gods environment so far, with likely more to be spoiled, there were concerns that the set would not have ways to deal with them. Those concerns, according to MTGSalvation Rumor Mill moderator viperesque, are unfounded, because the "slowscry" instant rare cycle, seemingly set up to be powerful cards, has a white member that does something a little crazy:

Fated Retribution 4WWW

Instant (Rare)

Destroy all creatures and planeswalkers. If it's your turn, scry 2.

Yes, that is a straight "destroy all creatures" at instant speed, something I believe we haven't seen since, well, Rout. And Rout is still a very playable card - this, at the same CMC, also takes out planeswalkers (something no wrath effect has ever done before) and has that bonus for playing it slow, which is all the more vital on a board sweeper, because if you can outdraw your opponents after clearing the table the game is effectively over. So fear not, control players and Paladin Timmies - you can once again enact divine retribution at instant speed.

What do you think of this unstinting board wipe? Let me know in the comments.