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Born of the Gods spoilers: An abundance of advertising art

Man, it sure was a weird Thanksgiving the year Mom insisted on using this centerpiece.
Man, it sure was a weird Thanksgiving the year Mom insisted on using this centerpiece. Rumor Mill

We are on the verge of Born of the Gods preview weeks beginning on the mothership, and other than a few vague hints we don't have much in the way of leaks - but Wizards of the Coast has given us some teasers in the form of out-of-context card artwork in various advertisements for Born of the Gods preorders from third-party sellers or for tournaments. Compiled here is what we have so far, and what it could all mean.

First, a relatively surreal piece of artwork: A cornucopia-type object, in which shimmers an illusionary vision of Meletis Harbor. This is almost certainly an artifact, perhaps with a large or repeatable scry effect or else a Horn of Greed reprint.

Next up, one image that Ceth mentioned in his scattered leaks, of the unmistakable arm of Keranos firing off a bolt of electricity in "animesque" style. This is definitely, according to Ceth, a red direct damage sorcery, which we have no reason to disbelieve.

Following that, we have a not-unfamiliar scene on Theros: A disciplined but passionate phalanx, seemingly Akroan, charging - this could either be a red or white mass pump spell or a token creator, or simply a Soldier creature.

Number four is a mage standing on a rocky outcrop, holding a staff charged with lightning, with a circular whirlwind around him and shooting lightning into a square-shaped swirling blue portal in the sky. It's almost impossible to tell what's going on with this one, other than that it's an instant or sorcery spell and Keranos is somehow involved.

Five is pretty obscured - but what it looks like is a Demon with a Nyx starfield on it. Can we count on a big black rare bestow creature? Quite possibly.

Then we have one of my favorites of this group: Anax and Cymede in the Temple of Triumph, calling up omens from the altar. The thing actually rising from the mists can't be clearly seen, and their expressions are ambiguous, but this is still a striking piece and could portend a big moment in the storyline.

Penultimately we have what is almost certainly a land - a small figure of a priestess in the foreground against a huge, columned sanctuary; probably this is a scryland, and the one associated with Karametra, hence the green and white one, or with Ephara, the white and blue one.

Last but not least, we have a picture that needs no interpretation - it's our old friend Xenagos, having finally achieved godhood. It only remains to see what abilities his card will have!

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