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Born of the Gods spoilers: Allied-color minor gods are in

We finally know WHICH Gods are being Born of!
We finally know WHICH Gods are being Born of!

The source du jour at the Rumor Mill seems to be Little Birdie, the unidentified insider who has relayed Born of the Gods info before. Now our Birdie has chirped about something really big: The minor gods themselves, and which five are in the upcoming set.

As far as the Rumor Mill staff can tell, this source is legitimate, but as always with unofficial information it is not confirmed until spoiled through official channels and there is a chance it is incorrect. -viper

The gods of Born of the Gods!
Ephara WU
Phenax UB
Mogis BR
Xenagos RG
Karametra GW

All gods become creatures when their devotion to Color A and Color B is higher than 7.
They all still have indestructibility and they have one static or triggered ability, but no activated ability.

Looks like enemy color fans will have a bit of a wait - but we are at least assured color balance. Most intriguingly of all, we now have a general mechanical idea of how they work!

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