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Born of the Gods speculation: The black Fated instant

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As the Born of the Gods rumor season trundles on, the horizontal cycles in the set are beginning to become apparent. Besides five of the multicolor gods, of course, the set also has a couple of enchantment creature cycles, one of token makers with inspired, three Temple scrylands... and a rare cycle of instants with Fated in their names that also scry when used on one's own turn. All of them are shaping up to be potentially powerful cards - and only the black one remains unknown.

So what could it do? This has to be an effect that is printable at instant speed, it definitely has triple black in its cost... but other than that, this question appears pretty open-ended. Here's what is known: It's not removal, as the red Fated instant already takes care of the spot removal and the white one of mass removal. It's also probably not reanimation, as the two other cards revealed thus far somehow give you creatures. Discard is also out of the picture, as instant-speed discard is simply not done.

However, our red card notably does not hit players with its burn - perhaps to open up the effect for the black one? Here's my guess for it:

Fated Agony 2BBB

Instant (Rare)

Target player loses 4 life and you gain 4 life. If it's your turn, scry 2.

The art on this one would probably make reference to Tantalus's torment in the Underworld.

What do you think the last Fated card will be? Let me know in the comments.