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Born of the Gods speculation: Event Deck Returned

I'm not sure this guy is a licensed massage therapist...

In the mothership Arcana article by Trick Jarrett that detailed the product packaging for Born of the Gods, most of the images were pretty expected. The intro pack rares are, as with recent sets, the same as the prerelease promo cards, the boosters are adorned with pictures of the minor gods, and the booster box and fat pack packaging shows the now-iconic image of Xenagos ascending.

The event deck, however, has an entirely new piece of artwork on it: An underworld Zombie with a truly impressive gold death-mask in the shape of a scarab (reminding me of nothing so much as the Ash Vampires from Morrowind), reaching for the viewer and emitting purple smoke. This tells us something already about the event deck; namely, that it is partly black, since Theran Zombies aren't seen in any other colors.

But what of the card it might go on? Given the camera angle here, this is probably a creature; but an instant or sorcery creature destruction spell is also possible. Here's one guess:

Nighttime Depredation 3BB

Sorcery (Uncommon)

Destroy target non-Zombie creature. Scry X, where X is that creature's converted mana cost.

What do you think this ominous-looking art will wind up being? Let me know in the comments.

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