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Born of the Gods Release Weekend poster puzzle solution

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Just as with Theros, the Hero's Path promotion for Born of the Gods has three steps, and the second of these, at the Release, is a poster that contains a cryptic puzzle superimposed over a card art. Using an early, Spanish-language copy of the Born of the Gods Release poster, Rumor Mill user Miky has solved the puzzle for those of us who would prefer just to claim our secondary hero cards outright. Fair warning - the entire purpose of this article is to spoil the puzzle, so read no further if you want to figure it out yourself, and avoid looking at the image attached just to be safe.

The background image here is Astral Cornucopia, and the key puzzle elements are mana symbols and three other corresponding sets of geometric symbols (circular, square, and triangular spirals). Since Astral Cornucopia is the only Magic card to have three X symbols in its mana cost, the idea is to connect each of the matching spirals to make X-shapes, as marked in the image. The mana symbols at the intersection of the lines make up the mana cost of the card in Born of the Gods that is the answer to the puzzle. Since the squares give 2, the circles G, and the triangles U, the mana cost in question is 2GU, and the only card in this set with that mana cost is... Kiora, the Breaking Wave, who is the correct answer!


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