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Boric Acid and Pet Safety

Boric acid is often used to kill roaches
Boric acid is often used to kill roaches
Creative Commons: Brandi666

Insects - including monster size roaches - and persistent fungi are the price South Floridians pay for living in paradise. Boric acid is generally considered safe around pets, and is an effective poison for household use. Used to control termites, fleas, ants and roaches, boric acid works by dehydrating insects, which also makes it dangerous to pets if ingested or inhaled.

Boric acid, applied in powder form around the house, can come into contact with a dog and decrease the acid balance in it's body, causing renal distress, respiratory failure or cardiovascular disease. The symptoms of boric acid poisoning in dogs are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and disorientation.

If you are using boric acid around the house to control pests, put it behind baseboards and cupboards and in other spots where your dog is unlikely to come into contact with the powder. Don't use boric acid on a regular, long term basis to kill insects.