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Boredom Busters by Eileen Mc Aree

Keep "bored" kids entertained with these boredom busters!
Cover provided by the author

Remember being a kid and being told to go find something to do every time you said you were bored? You spent hours running around outside, using your imagination to play all kinds of crazy made-up games. Sitting around watching TV or playing on the computer wasn't a choice.

Now when your kids tell you that they are bored, you can help them to unplug and tap into those joys of your own childhood. Eileen Mc Aree, an educator in New York, has written a new book, called Boredom Busters: Stuff for Kids to Do When There's Nothing to Do . Many of the games and activities are classics that you may have forgotten, but will excitedly remember when you see them again. Some of them may be new to you. All of them involve interaction without being dependent on electronics.

Reviews thus far have primarily praised the book for reintroducing those old favorites and triggering happy childhood memories. Parents like having ideas for both inside and outside of the house, for fun no matter what the weather brings. Grandparents appreciate the entertainment options for when they are in charge. Adults can have fun engaging with kids, but can also try to get some of their own chores and work done while the kids entertain themselves.

The main criticism is that people simply wanted to see more pictures of kids playing each game, in addition to the clear step-by-step instructions.

Boredom Busters is currently available on Amazon, in both print and ebook versions.

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