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Bored with Step Aerobics yet? Throw in a little Bosu Ball and spice up your Workout

What in the world is a Bosu ball?  It's that bizarre half ball blue bubble thing you've seen in the corner of the gym.  It is also frequently called the balance trainer.  The Bosu  is mainly used to increase stability and enhance balance, but as Thea Winnick-Turnbull (pictured) demonstrates in the  video below, it's also a great strength and cardio training tool.

Thea demonstrates her favorite Bosu Ball exercise

Here's the skinny on the Bosu:  a workout utilizing the Bosu balance trainer, targets your glutes, hips and thighs but can also be used to tone your upper body and core muscles as well.  As a cardio tool, it can be used similarly as the step, as a platform to perform plyometric movements.  Plyometric refers to any type of explosive repetitive movement performed at high levels of intensity (see video).

Thea, personal trainer and owner of Charlotte Functional Fitness, loves the Bosu, not only for training her clients, but also for her own personal workout (her favorite move being the push up in the "bubble down" position).  The positive feedback from her clients has motivated her to teach a group exercise class designed to incorporate the Bosu as the centerpiece of the workout, similar to what you would experience in a step aerobics class, but due to the unique construction of the Bosu....definitely more physically challenging.

So maybe it's time to step off and get on the ball...the Bosu ball that is. Click on this link for more information about Thea Winnick-Turnbull and Charlotte Functional Fitness located in the Levine JCC Fitness Facility.


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