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Bored, thus equals movie review: Idiocracy

It's only 500 years away...
It's only 500 years away...
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OK so this is kind of a random movie but for some reason writing a review about it seems enjoyable, so here goes...

Idiocracy (2006): Directed by Mike Judge.  Starring: Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph

So every once and a while a really really smart movie comes along and shows us how stupid we really are.  This is the face of Idiocracy. 

I'll try and sum this plot up quickly:

The film opens with a narrator who explains to the audience that in modern society natural selection begins to neglect smart and favorable genes due to stupid people outbreeding smart people, causing a snowball effect which inevitably over the course of nearly 500 years leaves the world stupid... what a great plot ya?

Back in 2005, Corporal Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), who due to his complete averageness, is selected to be a part of a top secret hibernation experiment alongside a paid off prostitute who goes by the name of Rita (Maya Rudolph)- also very average.  The experiment entails them to remain in deep sleep for one year. However, due to the military factory closing down during the process the two are forgotten and lost in what grows into a huge pile of debris until they are accidentally awoken 500 years in the future and are now the two smartest people on Earth.

OK, so that's it pretty much.

What's so great about Idiocracy is not just how funny it is, but how well it can portray a plausible future if this trend were actually to occur based on current trends, fads, and actions.  For example, the film exploits big corporations and their power to simply buy and take over anything they want.  In the film a sports drink agency takes over pretty much everything and replaces anything drinkable with their product.  Their is no water in Idiocracy (except for the toilet), hey they even water their plants with the sports drink, but they can't figure out why they won't grow go figure.

To me, the best part about this film is the language.  It's filled with hilarious dialogue and one liners (with a lot of dirty words) but oddly enough its not offensive, overused, or gratuitous- it all serves a point.  It explains that through the process of natural selection, the human language evolved into a mix between slang, valley girl, and hillbilly.  Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis & Butt-Head, King of the Hill) does not let you down!  Everything makes sense in this movie if you let it, it's hilarious.

applause, applause...

The acting is great (Terry Crews steals the film), the special effects are cool, and the script is well written and truly a work of art.  If you've seen Office Space then you should definitely give this one a try.  It's a hidden gem for all you too smart people out there with a sense of humor.

Short & simple, the end.


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