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Bored Children: Inside activities to help entertain children

When the weather outside is frightful inside can sometimes seem worse. What to do with children who can’t go outside to play? When children don’t have an outlet for their energy their behaviors can be out of control. There are things you can do inside that can be fun and help use up that energy.

Keeping children entertained
Photo by Naashon Zalk/Getty Images

Board games- With all the technology we have these days board games seem like a thing of the past. But on a cold winters day try pulling out a board game and playing with your children and see how much fun you can have together.

Blanket fort- Pull out the blanket and drape them over chairs and tables and make a fort. Help your children come up with ideas of what to play in their fort. It could be a house, a cave, or even a space base.

Obstacle Course- Make an obstacle course in a room and have things the child has to climb over, go around, and crawl under. Have a toy they have to carry with them to the other end of the course. You could even have relay races through the obstacle course where they have to carry toys through the course and come back before someone else does.

Flashlight tag- Turn off the lights and shine the flashlight on the floor and let the children chase after it.

Dance Party- Turn on music and dance around the room together.

Use your imagination and think of things that you did as a child or you wanted to do as a child. The more you can get your child moving the more energy they will use up and the less antsy they will be. Don’t be afraid to be silly crazy with your children. Have fun. For other ideas visit 20 indoor activities for kids.

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