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Borders celebrates Fancy Nancy's new book with a poetry storytime


Fancy Nancy Poet ExtraordinaireIf you are familiar with the Fancy Nancy books then you know that they are much more than ordinary picture books. “No one knows fancy like Nancy,” but it’s not just the glittery covers and bright colors throughout, nor is it the predominance of pink and frills that make Fancy Nancy special. These books teach without getting the least bit didactic, which is fancy for talking like a teacher.

Fancy Nancy teaches vocabulary by describing the big words as “fancy,” and then giving the “plain” way to say it. This not only gives access to the words, it also encourages their use. Fancy Nancy also teaches many different things as you step through the stories. In her latest book, Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire, Fancy Nancy learns many new things about poetry.

As Nancy struggles with a poetry assignment from her teacher, she learns about different types of poetry. She finds that nursery rhymes, songs, and even greeting cards have poetry in them. She learns about couplets and poems that don’t rhyme and she learns a fun way to make poetry out of someone’s name. While she is leaning all this and more about poetry, she also discovers first-hand that sometimes even the most creative people can have writer’s block.

If you have a young Fancy Nancy fan at home or a blossoming young poet then you need to take them to the Fancy Nancy Poetry Storytime at either of the Borders book stores in Colorado Springs on April 17, 2010 at 11:00 am. This isn’t a dress-up event like other Fancy Nancy parties, but it is an event full of fancy words and creativity.


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