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Borders Books Helps Chicagoans Read


CGTP.LogoBorders Books in downtown Chicago is asking shoppers to buy books for the Cabrini Green Tutoring Program (CGTP). The program began in 1965, offering free, one-to-one tutoring to the the children in the Cabrini Green and Near North neighborhoods.

How does this relate to advertising? Why, it's "Word of Mouth," of course.  Word of Mouth advertising is the best kind; it rarely costs money, and it relies on people, like you and me, to spread the word. I was shopping at Borders downtown and when checking out, I was asked if I'd be willing to contribute a book to the CGTP. I was using a gift card, so I decided that whatever was left on the card was theirs to spend. It purchased three books, which basically would have been nothing but a balance on a gift card that I'd partially redeemed, tucked away in some desk drawer where I wouldn't be able to find it. 

So, in an effort to support the CGTP, and in a way, Borders, please donate a book. It's relatively inexpensive, and will definitely be used over and over again. Plus, it might make you feel good. 


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