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Borders are real. They exist

Okay, this is it. We're going to be 'that' guy. We're going to be the one who upsets the party and says what many other party goers are thinking yet are too shy or are too intellectually highbrow to say. We're going to overturn up the apple cart. Yep, that's us. We'll say it.

Borders are real.

Didn't see that coming, did you? We would say that we can't imagine what you were thinking. But we could. And we smiled at the thought. Still, borders are real. They aren't imaginary lines drawn in the sand. They aren't pretend. They exist, as surely as so many other human constructs do. And they mean something as well.

They stand for things. In the United States of America, they stand for a freedom, often abused just the same, to be what we are are. We are the world's laundry agency. At least, we hope and pray we are.

Why are there so many illegals coming here? We will go out on a limb and say that it isn't because of gay marriage. That is surely way down on their list. They did not come here to do the reprehensible. They came here because things aren't so great where they are from originally. And we will say further that gay marriage isn't one of those things. Only the intellectually high brow think that.

They came here because they can't enjoy the freedom to provide for their families there, wherever 'there' is. They came here because 'here' isn't 'there'. They came here because a line in the sand exists, a line drawn not by us, really, but by the people who control where they were from.

Borders exist. And we do not draw them.

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