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‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ demo reveals Nisha's action skill and abilites

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Photo courtesy of 2K Games, used with permission

Before now, gamers have only known the skills of two of the new playable characters of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. However, for the first time, fans of the loot-based franchise have finally been given a look at the skills for one of the game’s two remaining classes. Based off of a recent demo of the game, Game Informer detailed the skills of Nisha the Lawbringer on Thursday which revealed the gunfighter’s unique action skill.

Unlike other characters from the Borderlands franchise, Nisha doesn’t have any ally support abilities. All of the future sheriff of Lynchwood’s skills completely revolve around dealing damage. Even Nisha’s action skill is purely focused on hurting enemies with guns without making players deal with the burden of aiming. This is because her action kill, called Showdown, automatically locks onto opponents while giving Nisha increased gun damage, reload speed, fire rate, accuracy, and bullet speed. Once Showdown is activated, players will be able to cycle through the enemies that they are locked onto.

Many of the skills from Nisha’s various skill trees also further improve her natural damage capabilities for a brief time after killing an enemy. After defeating a foe, players will gain temporary boosts movement speed, gun damage, and reload speed. Other skill skills include receiving explosive damage to all bullets and enjoying a duration increase to her action skill with every kill.

Nisha also has several signature abilities located within her various skill trees such as the ability to pickpocket enemies while using her melee whip. This causes Nisha to steal ammo for her currently equipped weapon while automatically loading the rounds into the gun at the same time.

One of Nisha’s most over skills provides the gunslinger with a copy of an equipped pistol allowing her to dual-wield handguns at any time. Used in combination with pickpocket, Nisha could continue to shoot indefinitely with twin pistols.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launches later this year for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Currently being developed by 2K Australia, the game takes place between the events of the series’ first two installments.

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