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Borderlands Prequel?

All right, all you Pandora and gun-toting fans. Some interesting news has been whispered about around the office cooler. Due to the success of the 'Borderlands" series, the game is going to a a prequel...or rather a pre-sequel.

Instead of the setting being on the planet Pandora itself, players are going to be given a chance to disseminate enemies and search for loot on Pandora's moon. This game takes place between the time of Borderlands and the actual sequel. Four new players are in the roster and these guys are adventuring and fighting with none other then Handsome Jack. Yes, the tyrant who introduces himself by taunting players and announcing the purchase of a diamond horse who he names Butt Stallion. That guy. Players will get to see how Jack turned into what he is now and how he heads the Hyperion Corporation.

There's new elemental damage and new characters to choose and enjoy. For the first time, Clap-trap will be one of them. The mouthy and, sometimes, helpful robot companion from the previous installments is going to be a playable character this time around.

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