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Border Patrol apprehends immigrants from Ebola epicenter

Undocumented immigrants apprehended by border patrol
Undocumented immigrants apprehended by border patrol
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A DHS report exposes that more than 70 individuals from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak have been apprehended on the southern border in the last few months according to an August 3, 2014, Breitbart News Story. Many more may have successfully entered into the United States.

United States Border Patrol Agents apprehend only about 60 percent of would-be immigrants surreptitiously crossing our southern border according to an official report. That equates to at least 100 individuals from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak potentially getting past the thin line of enforcement at the border.

Successful illegal immigrants, a minimum of four out of ten by the U.S. Border Patrols’ own estimates, usually live in the shadow of society as their fear of deportation dominates their lives.

Border Patrol Agents, highly trained, highly skilled guardians of our borders, are now inundated with the waves of Central American women and children pouring across our southern border and turning themselves into authorities as they have little fear of being repatriated to their home countries.

Representatives of the U.S. Border Patrol have been warning for months that apprehending, processing and caring for the tens of thousands of Central Americans is diverting the border patrol’s manpower away from their normal duties, virtually leaving the border even more porous, and therefore increasing the success rate of smugglers of people, narcotics and other more nefarious contraband.

The undocumented immigrants coming across the U.S./Mexican border are already stressed from their taxing journey and much more susceptible to sickness. This is evidenced by the number of apprehended illegal immigrants infected with a gambit of diseases ranging from H1N1 to tuberculosis to measles and chickenpox. Outbreaks of such afflictions are causing DHS holding facilities to be quarantined. A sick illegal immigrant is commonplace and the sheer volume of would-be immigrants doesn’t allow border patrol agents to take the proper personal precautions leading to the affliction of some of these frontline guardians with the diseases they are exposed to.

A carrier of Ebola could easily mix into the variety of disease infected immigrants and be welcomed into the United States. A New York Times article describes the symptoms of Ebola:

  • Fever, weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat
  • No different than a myriad of other afflictions
  • ·And evolving into: Diarrhea, impaired liver and kidney functions, and, in rare cases, internal and even external bleeding.
  • These could easily be misdiagnosed as an array of other afflictions.


Ebola is currently not airborne transmitted but is transmitted through:

  • Human-to-human transmission, primarily through direct or indirect contact with bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, urine, feces, or semen
  • Contact with contaminated objects such as needles and/or soiled bedding or clothing


  • From 2 to 21 days. 8 to 10 days is most common.

The makeshift detention facilities housing the thousands of immigrant women and children; the staging areas where so many wait just across the Rio Grande in Mexico; and the crowded U.S. Border Patrol stations where the individuals are processed after apprehension, are perfect recipes for the spread of disease.

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