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Boozy Milkshakes

Enjoy a boozy milkshake this summer.
Enjoy a boozy milkshake this summer.
Del Frisco’s Grille

In the heat of the summer in NY, a delicious milkshake can go very far in cooling off the day. Adding some alcohol to said milkshake can go ever further in improving one’s mood! Restaurants all over the city are popping up with their own boozy milkshakes, with recipes easy enough to make at home for those who are feeling adventurous. While the scale and dentist may not approve, a boozy milkshake is a real sweet treat worth indulging in on a particularly hot afternoon or evening. Cheers!

GO Burger on the upper east side offers three distinct and delicious treats for those hot August days. The Grandma’s Treat and Night Rider were particular favorites – perfect for a first date, family outing or meeting spot to watch a sporting event. (Sorry, no delivery for these boozy cocktails, but you can get their equally yummy non-alcoholic milkshakes to go!)

Grandmas Treat

3 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 oz Maker’s Mark bourbon

1 oz Carmel syrup

Garnish with Carmel rimmed internal glass, whipped cream and score bar crumbles.

Night Rider

2 scoops chocolate ice cream

1 oz Kahlua

1 oz Godiva liqueur

3 Oreos muddled

Garnish with whipped cream chocolate syrup rimmed glass and a whole Oreo.

Del Frisco’s Grille also offers their own Triple Treat Boozy Milkshake, which they recommend pairing with fries and a big juicy burger! (There's always next year to worry about swimsuit season.)

Del Frisco’s Grille’s Triple Treat Boozy Milkshake

Nocello Walnut Liqueur

Crème de Cacao Chocolate Liqueur

Vanilla ice cream

Blend and serve.

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