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Booze run to Wisconsin from Minnesota goes out with a bang

It's not uncommon that a dry Sunday turns into a nice drive to Wisconsin.

Liqour dry

That's what some Minnesotan's do when they fail to make that final run to the liquor store on a Saturday night.

Wisconsin has gained financial benefits merely for the one day that Minnesota choses to keep liquor store doors closed! On Sunday the dainty town of Hudson located on the Minnesota border received more than its share of liquor sales.

Join in the wine club!

Two men from Minneapolis came to town for the booze and went out with a bang, bang, bang. As in--3 gun shots, which were fired at individuals in the liqour store parking lot. One person still remains in critical condition.

So far, authorities believe there was communication among people in two separate vehicles. This exchange of sorts has Hudson's chief of police assuring the public's safety. Evidence suggests the victims made an attempt to get help from liqour store clerks.

Join in the wine club!

It's been reported that the sleepy town of Hudson, population of 13,187 hasn't had a shooting since 2007. It was not disclosed if the shooting that occurred in 2007 was related to Minnesotans crossing the border.

Two subjects have been arrested, 23-year-old Abdirahman Abdirizak Hersi from Minneapolis and 21-year-old Mohamed Deballa Hussein from Savage.

Should Wisconsin continue to make financial gains for serving Minnesota's late boozer's? How much revenue would stay in Minnesota if liquor stores were opened on Sundays?

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