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Boot Camp for New Dads

Fatherhood can be confusing for men.  Daddy Boot Camp will help your partner prepare for the journey
Fatherhood can be confusing for men. Daddy Boot Camp will help your partner prepare for the journey
Sarah Schroeder

Life as a new mom is an exciting journey filled with many complex emotions. While it is a joyous time, it is also quite stressful for many couples. New moms are trying to heal, deal with hormonal surges and plunges, and take care of their new baby on minimal amounts of sleep. It can be difficult for a new dad to fully comprehend the emotional roller coaster his wife is riding, which can cause tension between new parents.

One way to prepare your partner for the practical and emotional expectations of having a baby is to send him to a Daddy Bootcamp. Boot Camp will teach your partner the essentials of how to change a diaper and swaddle a baby, but will also help him understand the emotional stress that you will be under during and after labor.

Thornton mom Cindy Paterson said the Daddy Bootcamp her husband attended at St. Joseph’s hospital  was beneficial for both of them.

“What surprised me most about it is he came home from the class talking about the emotional aspects of having a baby. It helped him understand that he needed to be emotionally supportive throughout labor and beyond,” Paterson says.

Nourish Family Center in Centennial holds a Boot Camp for New Dads every two months. The three hour class is only $30, and is restricted to dads only.   According to their website, the Nourish classes are taught by new dads who demonstrate on their new babies and share their fatherhood experiences firsthand.

Daddy Boot Camp is a great investment that will give your partner confidence about his fathering skills and help him understand how to be supportive of you as a new mom.  Check out the class at Nourish, or ask your hospital or birthing center if they offer a new dad class.  It will help you and your partner through the exciting and difficult transition towards parenthood.


  • Katy Peterson 5 years ago

    Great article! Who knew? Daddy Bootcamps!!! My son is nine years old.......Is it too late to sign up his Dad? :)

    Mrs. Katy Peterson

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