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Boot Camp Digital Announces Advanced Facebook Training

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketers have been distraught for the last year over Facebook's algorithm changes. Social media marketing on Facebook was initially an easy win for most businesses. Large audiences, high engagement, and big results are what Facebook brought to business pages. Over the last year, Facebook page engagement has dropped over 70%, requiring businesses to pay in order to get the results they're accustomed to.

Boot Camp Digital has been working with marketers throughout countless changes in Facebook and other social media platforms, and has prepared an Advanced Facebook Training Course in order to help businesses revisit the big results they've always expected from Facebook.

The end of free Facebook marketing is over, however, the end of big results from the social network is not. The Boot Camp Digital Training is going to teach you exactly how to use Facebook, it's ad platform, and all of it's available tools in order to get improved business results from your social media marketing.

Optimized Facebook ads can provide impressive marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, and B2B businesses all have the ability to drive results from Facebook. Sponsored posts allow for large audiences to see content that only your personal audience would normally see, and robust Ads can generate leads from the most obscure target audience.

Many businesses may be groaning over the pay-to-play model on Facebook but they're failing to see the new and improved ad tools that allow businesses to create complex targeted ad campaigns that were never before possible on the social network. The potential is huge and inexpensive ads are keeping Facebook as a viable option for most businesses.

Join Boot Camp Digital for the live Advanced Facebook Training, April 22nd at 1pm est, or watch the training on-demand afterwards. Registration is available at:

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