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BoostMyMedia on How to Know When You Need an Online Reputation Service

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We all know that a bad reputation means bad business or no business at all for a company. In the real world, when a company is faced with reputation crises the board of the company take strategic steps such as requesting a temporary or permanent step-down of the CEO or whoever’s presence in the company will make the bad image linger.

Once a business announces on radio and TV that steps have been taken to address what led to the crises within the company, the public is once again sold on the company and public sentiment can go up again.

This is even more effective if the company involved is one with lots of cash to play with.

However, on the internet it is very different and dynamic. If a business’s reputation gets targeted on the internet, with search engines like Google whatever negatives the brand is associated with sticks forever. Unless, a reputation recovery process is taken, which leads us to the subject of this blog post: How does a brand determine when the services of an online reputation firm are needed?

In this blog post, the experts at Boost My Media, a trusted ORM service provider offers insights into what to watch out for to determine if your brand is in need of online reputation management.

Monitor Your Web Mentions

In order to stay ahead on what the web is saying about your brand, actively monitoring your brand mentions is the most effective way to know when you need an online reputation repair. Reputation management services providers are offering online monitoring as part of their ORM services for businesses and individuals.

Knowing what tools and methods to stay in the loop and notified before the media on mentions regarding your brand can be a tough job. But left to the experts, the task could be made to look like a stroll in the park.

Survey Customers

You may not know what customers are feeling about your brand until you ask them. An employee or a customer representative could have disappointed one of your customers, leaving the top executives of the company in the dark.

It takes just one angry customer to turn your brand into a target of online reputation attack. In order to prevent your brand from being targeted, take proactive steps to see that your customers are expressing their feelings to you.

To get customer feedback on satisfaction level, the following are recommended tools:


Survey Monkey

Survey Your Employees

Happy employees make customers feel good about your brand. If your employees are not totally satisfied with working conditions in your company, your customers will not be able to enjoy the best experience from your brand.

Study what your employees are saying about your brand by monitoring your company’s employer ratings on the internet. “Employers with low employee satisfaction risk ruining their reputation on the internet,” says Boost My Media CEO.

How to Find out What Employees are Feeling about Your Brand

Most times, employees may not feel comfortable enough to tell the top executives of an organization how they truly feel about the working condition in the organization. Situations like this usually leads to a bad reputation for a brand after such employees leave the organizations.

To prevent your employees from holding back what they feel about working for you and enable you to improve their level of satisfaction, here are some tips that will help you get your employees to express how they feel.

· Run Anonymous Surveys

Surveying your employees to find out what they feel about your brand may not work the way it does with your customers. Generally customers have nothing to lose if they tell you the truth, but your employees have everything at stake, so they will definitely hold back the truth.

Running a survey that enables your employees to stay anonymous will help them to share their true feelings, without the fear of being singled out.

· Use third party bodies to survey your employees

Using a third party to survey your employees may also work well in getting adequate information about how your employees are feeling working for your organization.

In an effort to know when your brand needs an online reputation management service, it is important to spare no effort at getting the desired result.

Would you like to know how using Boost My Media for your online reputation management or online monitoring will benefit your business? Get in touch with an expert via ORM@BOOSTMYMEDIA.COM.