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Boosting one’s health by bowling

Bowling offers many ways to boost one's health.
Bowling offers many ways to boost one's health.
MIke Ehrmann / Getty Images

A new year is under way so it seems like a good time to repeat the benefits that bowling provides to us.

Here is a list compiled by AMF, citing the Bowling Proprietors Assn. of America as its source.

Some of the benefits are well-known, but others may be surprising:

– Bowling burns roughly 240 calories per hour of activity.

– It strengthens and tones your arm, shoulder, chest and leg muscles.

– It improves heart and respiratory fitness.

– It increases endurance while maintaining bone density.

– It speeds up your metabolism.

– An average bowler swings a bowling ball a full 360 degrees.

– An average bowler with a 16-pound ball swings 864 pounds full circle in a three-game series. That is well over one-third of a ton.

– An average bowler walks an average of 60 feet per turn, or about six-tenths of a mile in a three-game series.

– The social aspect of bowling helps improve your mental outlook.

– Bowling is a lifetime sport. It is one of the few sports that allows you to compete at a high level at an older age.

– Bowling provides an exercise option for those with physical limitations.

–The millions of dollars of scholarships awarded annually to youth bowlers help them reach their educational goals, which keeps our nation as a whole healthy.

That’s AMF's list, but there are other benefits.

Another benefit is the feel-good bond that brings together teammates when they compete in league play.

It’s a bond that often keeps players bowling on the same team for years and in some cases, for decades.

Nothing like chemistry to bring out the best in a team.

Teams win league titles not just because they have good bowlers, but more importantly, because they have good chemistry.

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