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Boosting business using press releases: Template or not

Despite the volumes of content already authored on how to get the most from press releases, there’s no disputing that people do still settle for a standard traditional format.

Could it really be that it’s a lack of knowledge about what it takes to craft a message that people will pay attention to? Or is it that the human-less automated online tools provide a basic framework for content that people can easily follow without exerting any real effort?

It’s no shocker that it’s also far easier to continue traveling the same path, to follow what’s comfortable and familiar, rather than it is to take a step back to evaluate what’s right – or consider what’s wrong.

After decades of observing companies in every type of industry imaginable, it remains a fact that many people continue to throw content together about their products or business and call it news.

Where’s the consideration for the editor or producer – or blogger - who wields the power to launch a business onto the national scene – or even to a more desired local audience, if that’s the target?

It’s not unusual for people to spend less time thinking about what is real news than they do to choose for breakfast – and, it’s true lost opportunity. In about the time it takes to finish a freshly whipped frappucino, a creative spin can whip up frenzy over a business and its products or services, with an impact that lasts long after the final slurp of frothy wonder has been consumed.

With more options than have ever existed in history, the average small business owner or entrepreneur can become overwhelmed just trying to figure out which direction to go in with their marketing efforts.

Over-thinking can do as much damage as jumping in without a plan; it can immobilize.

Seasoned copywriters debate whether a headline should be the first or the last item to be developed.

For novices, having a headline can help keep them focused - That is, if there’s awareness of the elements that comprise a good headline.

Deciding to issue a press release is the first step, and then acting to make that goal a reality is the second.

What separates the average from the excellent? No different from other aspects of life. It can be related to natural talent. It could be time. Experience. Resources.

When would it make sense for one to perform surgery on one's self?

For those who are not specifically trained or when other skill or experience is in short supply, consider whether it’s your turn to give the writing part a whirl on your own or to bring in the pros who know what they’re doing.

Learning is lifelong. It's really more about how much life should be spent learning and how much doing.

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