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Boost your way with cooking energy dishes

In the morning you might have some time to eat some healthy breakfast food. Here is a time to add some breakfast to a complete work of art. This month there is culinary time to set a breakfast dish that has everything of your morning energy that is needed.

Take one egg and add to your automatic egg poacher. Next add a 1/2 a cube of butter and whip to creamed butter. Set this aside for the added garnish. Chop some red onions very small and mix with some cubes of ham. Cook one minute. Add these ingredients with the creamed butter.

Now add this mixed garnish to the poached egg. Top it. For added appeal cube some bread about 10 cubes and add to the side of the dish. This culinary dish is ready and is quick for the morning time when you want to relax for a short while before the big busy day.

This dish is great in the carb area and will add the necessary nutrients that you need especially in the morning. One small cup of tea with a twist of lemon and lime can add the great touch to this dish. Culinary cooking has so much that you can do and add throughout each dish.

Some herbs if to add to this dish is also a great addition. The taste of herbs adds so much in its taste and its creative interest. Some extra planning to add to this dish is the placing of the easy to do automatic poacher. Some times these type of kitchen add-ons saves a lot of time.

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