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Boost your sex life: love yourself first

by mileanme
by mileanme

If you think your sex life could use a boost consider the possibility of taking a break from sex in favor of taking care of your needs alone.

That's right, if you want better sex the first step is to masturbate. This might seem counterproductive, since one of the benefits of a good sex life is being closer to your partner, but getting to know yourself alone can give you the freedom to really let loose with your significant other. Get to know your body and you will have the ability to give directions to all your hotspots.

Your body is unique.

No matter how much experience you or your partner have there is always more to learn. The exact spot that makes you moan is unique to you and if you haven't found it yourself, sharing it's location is impossible. Leaving it to chance that your partner will know you better than you know yourself is a gamble you will lose. 

As we age our bodies continue to change and our experiences continue to influence our mental state. There is always more to learn so feel free to keep exploring and trying new ways to push your buttons.

Take your time.

Starting to explore your own body and sexual desires can be a little frightening if you have never done so before. Pushing yourself to go a little further each time will give you the chance get more comfortable with yourself at your own pace.

Show and tell.

Mutual masturbation can be another great way to improve the connection between partners. If you have already gotten to know your own body and feel comfortable sharing, giving your partner a bit of a show can heat things up.

Watching you give yourself an orgasm can lead your partner to the spots you are only subconsciously aware of and that give you to most pleasure. While you might know where your fingers need to go, describing it could be a bit of a challenge. Giving your partner a front row seat  to your own private show could add an extra level of excitement to what happens when you are between the sheets.

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