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Boost Your Mobile Content Marketing

Use these tips to increase your mobile content marketing
Use these tips to increase your mobile content marketing

We all know that the future of marketing is online and on mobile/portable devices. A Google and Nielsen study recently found that 77 percent of mobile searches are done at work or home, of which both areas have PCs likely available. Bounce rates are 9.56 percent higher with mobile visitors than desktop ones and these stats tell us that while there are great opportunities for marketers to promote via mobile channels, challenges still are plentiful and need to be overcome. As a successful marketer, you must optimize your content marketing strategy so that your visitors spend more time engaging with your content and ultimately make a purchase. Here are a few suggestions of ways to improve your brand reach through mobile content marketing.

1) Localized content

How do you figure out what your consumers are searching for locally? About 40 percent (and rising) of all mobile searches were performed with a local intent, according to a recent Google/Nielsen study. One way to improve your brand reach is to use Google Trends. This tool allows you to research the search trends in a specific geographical location. By entering the search terms you are looking for, you can gain some valuable information.

You can figure out which localized keywords are being searched for in a specific area. This will help you tailor your mobile content marketing efforts using the most popular words. Google Alerts will also send you updates on a regular basis on regionally trending topics. Another tip is to join online local groups and organizations on LinkedIn and Twitter to gain insight into local information.

2) Optimize web content

People are using their mobile devices to do searches on the web. Gone are the days where websites are only designed for desktops. You must now optimize your web content so that it is compatible with mobile phones. You want your customers to be able to access your website just as easily on their phone as one their desktop. Responsive web design has been incorporated into many mobile websites for a "one size fits all" solution to this challenge.

3) Be touch friendly

Since there is no cursor on a mobile phone, clicking on a specific link on a smartphone screen can prove to be difficult. You don't want your users to become frustrated and leave your site. When links are too small or located too close to each other, readers will click off. Increasing spaces between different touch targets improves your mobile content marketing. Be sure that your calls-to-action, links to other content and social media platforms are easy to find and easy to click.

4) Mobile apps

Having a mobile app is huge when it comes to mobile content marketing. It alleviates the need for your potential customers to navigate their mobile web browser trying to find what they are looking for. Creating a mobile app lets you maximize your inbound marketing efforts, while adding to customer satisfaction. You can offer specials, discounts and reward programs available only to those that download your mobile app.

5) Monitor

Let's say you do all the things listed above to increase your mobile content marketing efforts. How do you really know if they are making an impact or not? You need to analyze your successes and failures using tools such as Google Analytics or Flurry. If you learn who is utilizing your mobile app and how they are using it, you can gain insight into how to target your audience much more effectively. There are many other analytical tools available including Apsalar, Clicky and Localytics.

6) Socializing your mobile content marketing

It is easy to forget about social media when you are concentrating your efforts on mobile content marketing. But there isn't a better platform for engaging your target audience than social media channels. Allowing your brand's mobile app to integrate into other social mobile apps in a great way to optimize your marketing content. You can give your users the option to post content and updates from within your mobile app to their own social media account. This is free marketing and promotion for your brand.

Inbound mobile marketing does take a while to build, so do not expect it overnight. Being consistent and adapting to changes are vital when building your mobile marketing campaign. And keep in mind, there are so many mobile marketing possibilities so chose the ones that best suit your business needs. You will be converting potential prospects into customers in no time!

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