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Boost your chances of success with what is in your purse


AP Photo/ Xinhua, Liu Xuelli

Emergency road bags filled with flares, a first-aid kit, and jumper cables, sit snugly in the trunk of your car.  You remain oblivious to the fact that it exists - until, that flat occurs, the cell-phone user on the road runs into you, or your car simply dies in the middle of winter (which, in Michigan, could mean March).  

At this point, the bag is elevated to superhero status.  

So why not safe proof yourself, not just in emergencies, but in everyday life.

Mad About You, a 90's sitcom, aired an episode where the lead female character, Jamie, accidentally mixes up purses with her sister, Lisa.  In the course of one day, the very put-together Jamie morphs into a sloppy, and messy woman who gets rained on.  Lisa becomes polished, and lands a job interview.  The two transformations are depicted as the direct result of what each woman had in her purse.  

The moral seemed to be that the sister's lack of preparation left her losing out on numerous opportunities and short on time to do anything about it.  It seemed as if she was always three feet away, metaphorically, from "missing the bus."  On the other hand, Jamie thrived.  The contents of her purse allowed her not to not miss a beat.

Below is a list compiled of the items that will hopefully rescue you in your moments of duress.

Contents of the everyday sidewalk purse:

  1. Umbrella
  2. Rhinestone earrings
  3. Gum/Mints
  4. Floss
  5. Bobby pins and hair tie
  6. Lip stain, mascara, lash curler
  7. Comfortable flats (suggest silver or gold)
  8. Pad of paper and pen
  9. Disposable nylons
  10. Cash and quarters
  11. Tweezers 
  12. A light, long-sleeved cardigan
  13. Hand lotion (can double if deodorant)
  14. Scotch tape
  15. Photo copy of your license/ Piece of I.D. 
  16. Cough drops

E-mail the author to share the items that have saved you.


  • Jackie 5 years ago

    Definitely sticking this list up on my refrigerator as a reminder to always be prepared. Awesome list, thanks! :)