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Boost the plant energy

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All plants eventually need plant food / fertilizer to balance out what could be missing from the soil.

Fertilizer substance is liquid or a dry form.

To apply the liquid fertilizer it can be done with a watering can or sprayer. In addition, the dry form fertilizer can be done with a hand fork to loosen the soil.

Fertilizing helps the plant life to perform at it best. It helps balance out the chemistry of the soil.

"Nitrogen helps give the plant it fullness producing leaves".
"The Phosphorus is helpful in giving great blooms and lasting flowers".
"The Potassium works on the roots".

There are many great fertilizers available to help with the performance of the plants. Most fertilizer come with a balanced formula other with the one nutrient that may be needed. Testing the soil is always optional recommendation to help for the right nutrient. On the other hand, if one is familiar with their soil they may be able to know what will benefit the plant.

In El Paso, TX at the local garden centers the selection that would best fit the need can be searched out.

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