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Boost Mobile can give a boost to your wallet

Your mobile service costs can go down with Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile

The one certainty with mobile phone service is your cost is going to go up over time.

Not with Boost Mobile.

But it's going to keep getting more and more expensive.

Not with Boost Mobile.

But then they will add restrictions or my quality of service will suffer.

Not with Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile will actually reduce the amount of your monthly payments, by just paying your bill on time.

With "Shrinking Payments," an exclusive with Boost Mobile, your payments will start at $55. That's a pretty good price point right there, but for every six on-time payments, they will take $5 off. Pay as little as $40 a month.

Each of Boost's Monthly Unlimited plans include Shrinking Payments and of course, unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, email & 411. All in a no-contract phone.

If you are new to Boost Mobile, you will need to activate "Shrinking"on any of our Monthly Unlimited plans. Current customers, just visit "My Account" on the Boost Mobile website to sign up for a Monthly Unlimited Plan with Shrinking Payments, and start keeping more money in your wallet.

I'm using a Boost Warp 4G, and I love it. It's fast, responsive, and has a great screen to look at. I'd say it's very similar to an iPhone.

Boost also offers a variety of phones you can choose from including and iPhone 5c or a 5s.

You can find out all the information at and learn how you can keep more of your own hard-earned money.

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