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Boost kid's happiness level and help the whole family

Fun and happiness at Discovery Green in Houston
Fun and happiness at Discovery Green in Houston
Hip N Fit Fun Club

If you can find a way to help boost kid’s happiness level it will rub off on the whole family. How about mixing fun and fitness together?

Do your children watch too much television or play on the computer instead of going outside to get much needed exercise? One of the biggest issues facing our whole nation today is obesity and diabetes, especially juvenile diabetes. We can help by educating our youth on the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly.

We found a great way to help kids at Hip’nFit Fun Club. It’s all about raising fitness and nutrition awareness for all children.

They offer several unique programs:

A 45 minute 'edu-tainment' show for kids addressing healthy food choices and exercise. This high-energy interactive show, geared for children grades K-5, features four multi-cultural performers who sing, dance and do fun informative parodies about the benefits of healthy food choices and exercise.

A 30 minute fun club class where the only rule is you can't stop moving and there is even a game show called “Let’s Make a Meal”. After the show, kids take home a brochure to share with parents with a healthy choice contract (in English and Spanish) to pledge a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Creator of the Hip’nFit Fun Club, David LaDuca has seen the need for our seniors to get in on the fun too and started offering classes called “Around the World in 80 Ways” The 'sit'n be fit' class for Seniors and handicapped persons makes it interesting by using songs that refer to exotic locations.

The Hip’nFit Fun Club also offers fitness classes and activities at Discovery Green and an 8-week residency program for schools and community centers. The residency program empowers children to teach their parents about better lifestyle choices, and they love that!

Call or visit their website and short video for more information.
713 574 0069


  • Joan Maresh Hansen 5 years ago

    Marian, I love this article because it integrates FUN with important lifestyle changes for our youth ( and senior citizens). The struggle that many people including myself have with weight loss and gain is one that needs to be addressed. Thanks for the great information that offers us new options.

  • Brenda 5 years ago

    There is no better pressure than from your child. I love the psychology of getting the kids to teach their parents. P.S. I found you:)

  • Louise Dewey 5 years ago

    Marian, YOU know all the fun things that are going on in the Houston area. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

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