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Boost English language learners' writing and confidence, submit their work

Cover of Issue 38, March 2014 of The Change Agent.
The Change Agent

One way for teachers to boost the confidence of adult English language learners (ELLs) is to submit their writing to publications that solicit and publish the work of immigrants and ELLs. The Change Agent and NYU Gallatin’s Literacy Review are two publications that publish engaging stories, articles, and poetry.

The Change Agent, an Adult Education Magazine for Social Change, “provides cutting-edge resources for teaching social issues, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and many ready-to-use lesson plans—all oriented toward a multilevel audience.” The Literacy Review “is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Edited by Gallatin students, the book is distributed at a celebration that includes readings by the newly published writers.”

As ELLs’ writing skills improve, adult literacy education teachers and programs can introduce them to different outlets for their work. Teachers can create lessons and activities that explain how important the revision stage is in the writing process. In doing so, ELLs learn to revise and proofread to enhance content clarity, grammar, and mechanics.

Although their work might not get accepted, ELLs are proud to know that their teachers submitted their work and that editors considered it for publication. In addition, they become stronger writers whose voices grow clearer and bolder.

For subscriptions or more information about The Change Agent and NYU Gallatin’s Literacy Review, or to view recent issues, visit the websites.

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