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'Boondock Saints 3' title and plot details revealed

The boys are back. On August 28 Flickering Myth revealed that the third film in the "Boondock Saints" film franchise has been titled "Boondock Saints 3: Legion," and the script is almost complete. The film will pick up after the events of the second film, when the bothers are recovering from their wounds in prison. The film currently has no scheduled release date, and a full ten years passed between the original film and the sequel.

Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery
Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Troy Duffy, who has written and directed all of the films, recently tweeted out photos of the script for fans. Earlier to the start of production, fans will also have a chance to appear in the third film, since there would be no third film without the dedicated fan base. The first film was made on a small budget after the project was dropped by Hollywood, and made almost no money until it's DVD release. The film gained a massive cult following, with conned with the success of the sequel, "Boondock Saints 2: All Saint's Day," which was released ten years later.

Duffy also answered questions from fans about the upcoming film, including important plot details about who the story will move foreword with the brothers. Connor and Murphy McManus set out to rid Boston of criminals after a religious experience, which they succeeded in doing until they landed in jail after being captured by police at the end of the second film. The third film will take the focus back to the people, by having legions of people take the law into their own hands just like the brothers did.

On August 29 posted some of the answers Duffy gave when questioned about the upcoming film. The director admitted that it's his fault for the gap between the second film and the third. Duffy likes to "get it right" and sometimes that takes time with the script. Both Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery have expressed interest in returning to the roles of Irish brothers Murphy and Connor McManus.

Norman Reedus recently revealed that he made several references to the popular films during the previous season of "The Walking Dead," where he stars as series regular and fan favorite Daryl Dixon. The actor admitted that all of the references were cut from the final version of the episodes, but he did pick up a bunch of rope in one scene as an ode to the brothers unlikely escape plan.

There is a chance that the third film will explore a way for the brothers to escape from prison and assist their legion of fans. Given the production gap between the films so far, it's unlikely that the film will go into production even next year. Duffy is airing to give fans the third film that they have been waiting for and to continue the cult following the story already has.

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