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BoomSound Battle! HTC One M7 vs One M8 in a smartphone stereo speaker showdown!

Released last year, the HTC One M7 was a revelation. Stereo speakers on the front of the phone pointed right at your face. It provided an unparalleled media experience.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that newer phones improve upon the specs of their predecessors, but considering how good the speakers on the M7 were, many doubted that HTC would be able to significantly improve upon their former success.

We can now put those doubts to rest.

The improvement is shocking, and you can hear it for yourself. Hit the related video above to hear the M8 in action, then click the link below to compare it to the M7. You smartphone audiophiles are in for a treat...

Smartphone Speaker Test: HTC One M7 Movie & Music Playback Samples

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