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Boomers volunteer as citizens on patrol

Baby boomers are volunteering as citizens on patrol. In response to a recent spike in crime, the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol (TACOP) has stepped up its efforts to patrol the streets of this Baltimore County community to help keep residents, businesses and students safe. Baby boomers and seniors are the foundation of TACOP’s volunteer citizen on patrol force. TACOP shows fighting crime is a community effort.

Working in partnership with the Baltimore County Police, TACOP baby boomers are patrolling the streets of Towson, serving as the eyes and ears of the police. They monitor criminal activity in the area and immediately call 911 to report any suspected crimes they observe while on patrol.

The baby boomer generation has always embodied community spirit. They volunteer to give back to their communities to enrich the lives of others. In TACOP’s case, these boomers are showing that crime prevention is a community effort. These dedicated volunteers care about their local community so they team-up to patrol the streets as a visible crime prevention measure.

TACOP’s thrust is crime is not welcome in Towson. To this end, TACOP maintains high visibility for the benefit of would-be criminals. All volunteers undergo an orientation and intensive training before they start patrolling. They never carry a weapon or get involved in any way. TACOP volunteers call the Baltimore County Police when they see suspect activity. Their mission is to keep Towson safe.

Founded in 2000, TACOP is a 501c3 organization that relies solely on donations from the public. It hosts a number of events throughout the year to promote the organization, focus on crime prevention, recognize local crime-fighting heroes and raise funds.

One of TACOP’s top events is its annual Rally Against Crime, where numerous Towson seniors, students, residents and businesses come out and show their support to keep Towson safe and free of crime. This year’s Rally will take place on Friday, June 20, from 6:00 to 6:30 PM, at Allegheny Avenue between Washington Avenue and Roundabout. All local boomers are invited to attend.

Boomers interested in volunteering should contact TACOP.

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