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Boomers enjoy career down-shifts


  • John 6 years ago

    While I agree that there are many benefits to hiring "the Mature Worker", I truly wonder how many are actually enjoying working in a reduced capacity, being laid off (a high %), or being told through the media and employers that there is little hope of being re-hired in your field - or at all. This is a common and growing occurance in the market today, and is not going unnoticed. We are people with families to raise. The loss of confidence, integrity and hope is very real - and very humiliating. We are not old shoes to simply be discarded.

  • LP 6 years ago

    I know quite a few who have voluntarily opted for a lower stress job so they can concentrate on their health and grandkids...if you already have a house etc why work yourself sick? It's hard to maintain the drive you had in your twenties when necessity was often the mother of the drive...

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