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Boomerang Comics book club meeting


Thursday, May 27th, you can attend the Boomerang Book Club meeting! These meetings started last month, with the reading of Incognito, and are a great way to share your thoughts on some wonderful comic literature.

Cover to 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call.

This month's reading is 100 Bullets TP, Vol. 1 - First Shot, Last Call. Now 100 Bullets has been praised here before but let's reiterate: 100 Bullets is a wonderful piece of fiction that should be required reading in college ethics classes across the country. Description:

What would you do if you were given the opportunity and the means to get away with murder, scot-free? Thats the question posed in 100 Bullets, a new graphic novel that combines elements of hard-boiled crime stories and paranoid espionage thrillers. The mysterious Agent Graves offers his clients a gun and immunity from prosecution, enabling them to get revenge against those who ruined their lives.


So pick up a copy for 15% off the cover price and then come back to Boomerang Comics on Thursday, May 27th from 7-9pm

For more info: Check out Boomerang's website to sign up for the event!
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