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Boomer caregivers now have a place to turn for help - MSRN

Thousands of baby boomer caregivers in Maryland now have a place to turn for help as they care for their elderly parents. The Maryland Senior Resource Network (MSRN), an innovative association of comprehensive senior support services, is rapidly becoming a support system for boomer caregivers. MSRN’s skilled professionals offer a wealth of services, products and resources geared to help seniors live independently in their own home.

MSRN provides one-stop shopping for seniors so boomer caregivers can easily find the customized services they need in one convenient location. In many cases, MSRN professionals are mobile and come to the senior’s home for added convenience. MSRN resources include:

  • money management;
  • organizational assistance;
  • downsizing assistance;
  • home safety modification;
  • handyman repairs;
  • legal, financial, insurance and tax services;
  • a broad range of health services; and
  • assistance transitioning into retirement communities.

Today, many seniors struggle with managing their finances, medical bills, household tasks, health issues and other matters as they grapple with daily decisions and activities. Many baby boomers are stepping in to assist their elderly parents by handling these responsibilities. But as caregivers, baby boomers often do not know where to go to locate the specific services their elderly parents need.

Plus, most elderly parents want to remain in the family home and live independently, so many boomer caregivers are visiting on a daily basis to provide care and support. Boomer caregivers carry a heavy load of responsibility which plays havoc on their own lives and schedules. They need help but don’t know where to find it.

Now, boomers can turn to MSRN and find the individual services and resources their elderly parents need. Today, baby boomers have MSRN as their caregiver support system. Whether the boomer is taking care of a parent living independently or in the boomer’s home, the network’s resources ensure the senior’s needs are addressed by MSRN specialists. The network also provides patient advocates to ease the transition and help navigate the system when placement in a retirement community becomes necessary.

Founded in February 2014, MSRN caters to the needs of seniors in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area and its surrounding counties. MSRN’s network of seasoned professionals offer an array of support services tailored to meet the specific needs of seniors and baby boomer caregivers. For additional information and a list of MSRN services and professionals see MSRN.

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