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Books to Think About

Wings of Imagination
Wings of Imagination
jennifer michele wells

Most of us read books to escape. However, as a fan of Christian fiction, I've come to realize that thinking isn't something that should be put on hold, even during times of harmless escape. Finding books with not only an enjoyable storyline, but also a theme that helps readers learn more about God and the world we live in isn't difficult. Many authors, especially Christian authors, write their books with this very intention. However, there is often a repeating storyline with Christian authors: love. While there is obviously nothing wrong with this theme (just open your Bible!), there are many other Biblical themes that Christian authors pursue that Christian readers can critically read and learn from. And love still plays a crucial role in all of them!

There are a plethora of Christian fiction novels available for readers that not only offer enjoyable escapes, awesome adventures, or romantic rendezvous, but something more than these basic genres and themes. Below is a list of my 10 most favorite novels that will get you thinking. Some are political. Others are adventures. While others still are romances. But all are fiction that are sure to excite your mind as much as your heart!

1. 'A Perfect Persecution' by James R. Lucas

2. 'This Present Darkness' by Frank E. Peretti

3. 'Piercing the Darkness' by Frank E. Peretti

4. 'Redeeming Love' by Francine Rivers

5. 'Blink of an Eye' by Ted Dekker

6. 'Qi' by David Aikman

7. 'The Shack' by William Young

8. 'The Visitation' by Frank E. Peretti

9. 'Screwtape Letters' by C.S. Lewis

10. The 'Left Behind' Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins


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