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Books for the Sports Lovers

book cover- chad harbach

It's almost game day, and millions of fans are gearing up to root for the Seahawks or the Broncos (go Broncos!) But don't limit your sports love to a few hours on a Sunday night. Here are five reads with sports themes to keep the fandom going. The best part about them? Both YA and non-YA readers can enjoy!

1. The Art of Fielding- Chad Harbach

In The Art of Fielding, five people are affected at a college in Michigan when a throw goes off course. Harbach's characterization, setting and relationship development are unmatched in this moving tale.

2.The Legend of Bagger Vance- Scott Pressfield

Pressfield writes about Bagger Vance, a mysterious caddie who mentors troubled war veteran in the game of golf and the Authentic Swing.

3. Hoops- Walter Dean Myers

In basketball, Jackson and his coach know the odds. The question is, will they throw the game for a bet, or will they play to win? Hoops was written decades ago, but the message is still prevalent today.

4. Catching Jordan- Miranda Kenneally

What's better than books about football? Books in which the QB of the football team is a girl. Kenneally paints a picture of a powerful teenager girl with the ability to fall in love. Although this story is definitely not like the others in this list, I couldn't help but including one with a strong female as a sports figure female lead.

5. Seabiscuit: An Underdog Story- Laura Hillenbrand

The underdog story is always a crowd please-er, but an underdog story about a horse with a crooked leg and sad tail? Even more heartwarming. Seabiscuit is definitely worth the read.

Stay warm and read on, fellow bookworms!

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