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Books and such things during a winter storm

Weather at a park from a winter storm
Weather at a park from a winter storm
Kirsten Renfroe

There has been a number of winter storms across the northeast of United States of America. Schools have become closest and some states have even have blizzards. In this harsh winter storm weather some have chosen to stay indoors. So, in this winter storm one thing that people can do is to read. Reading books is great for a number of reason and the first being that it creates a lack of boredom. When one reads a book a person can escape into a world that is not their own. Some of theses worlds can be in the genres of fantasy and even dystopian. Within a book, if the book is written correctly the characters and their lives can sometimes make you lose track of time and can help the storm to go my faster.

Another thing that can help the storm is to drink a warm drink. Some warm drinks are tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even a glass of wine (if the individual is of age).This can make the cold temperature and the wind and the winter storm seem to make a person warmer. The third thing to make someone feel better in this winter storm is blankets or a fire. This is a more direct way to keep warm against the cold temperature of the winter storm. In conclusion, stay warm and keep safe during this winter storm and also read if that is something that one likes to do.